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The Giant Kingfisher

The Giant Kingfisher

Fish Ahoy! That’s what the Giant Kingfisher thinks when he visits the Giant’s View Estate. With almost 1 km of Mooi River frontage to feed from – he is spoilt for choice. Now which branch shall I perch on?

Giant’s View Estate borders one side of the tranquil Mooi River. Incidentally in 1890 trout-acclimatization pioneer John Clarke Parker, was responsible for introducing 500 brown trout fry into the river below the village of Rosetta. This made the Mooi River the first in this country to be stocked with trout. If fishing is your thing, then this is definitely a place you would enjoy spending your time. Recently remarked as “a piece of heaven” by an architect viewing a plot for his clients who had recently bought one. Who could argue with that – come see it for yourself.

Twenty plots of land at a minimum of 4000m2 ready for you to view and buy starting at only R700,000.00. Plot number 47 is called Giant Kingfisher. It is a slight gradient plot which has views of the Drakensberg mountains beyond the river front and the 11 acres of wetland and conservation area which will remain as such and will not be developed on.

Tune in to the next blog for another tale of the wildlife that lives on the Giant’s View Estate – next time plot number 46 The Porcupine.