Giant's View offers a great selection of living options. There are four existing houses on the property. Two houses have been dramatically modified and updated to tie in with the architectural concept. The third house has been transformed into two beautiful apartments, which forms part of the first phase of Giant's View Village, a sectional title development of self contained apartments. The fourth house is the main estate house, a beautiful well-established thatch home with a magnificent flat lawn and superb views of the Drakensberg Mountains. There are also three designs for new residences that have been developed, keeping in mind the enchanting environment in and around the estate. Each residence has great views of the surrounding countryside and provide the perfect antidote to the stresses of city life. Take a look at the plans and designs for these beautiful residences to get a glimpse of what your next home could look like.
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  • Our Completed Homes: Bergview

  • Our Completed Homes: Poplars