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5 Reasons to Move to the Midlands Meander

You may be living in a city and looking at the year ahead thinking you cannot do another busy year in the big smoke. The thought of facing another year full of hours wasted in traffic and frantic schedules can be all too overwhelming at the beginning of the year and maybe, just maybe, there is another way of a life?

Maybe its time to consider relocating the family to a place with an altogether slower pace of life. Here are a few reasons why I believe that the Midlands Meander may be your answer to a beautiful new lifestyle…

1. A Slower Pace of Life.

Let’s face it, life away from the big city centers almost always tends to operate at a slower pace. There is a common sentiment among people living in the countryside that life is too short for working 24-7 and taking an afternoon off to take in the view and sip on a chilled sauvignon blanc or to go on a trip to a nearby dam to cast a fly to the wily brown trout is not frowned upon. Leaving the office before 6pm doesn’t result in hairy eye-balled looks from co-workers and a healthy work-play balance is the norm. It’s an altogether healthier lifestyle with time to take in the fresh country air, a less stressful day to day environment resulting in happier hearts and a longer lifespan!

2. Top Schools

We have some of the country’s best schools right on the KZN Midlands, making it a fantastic place to live as a family, whether your children are at preschool or high school level. There are amazing options for private schools in the area and people from all over the country and world send their precious children to board at the schools or move into the area to make things easier. The choice of top schools includes Treverton College, Clifton Preparatory, Michaelhouse, Hilton College and St Annes. Top class education set in the beautiful countryside coupled with the freedom of space and a vast choice of outdoor sports and adventures makes the area and it’s schools a wonderful place to bring up children.

3. The Perfect Location

The Midlands Meander is located 10 minutes from the N3 Mooi River Toll Plaza, providing the ideal linkages with Johannesburg and other surrounding cities. We are situated only 45 minutes from the City of Pietermaritzburg and its airport, which has regular flights to O.R. Tambo International. With internet connectivity being what it is today, it is so feasible to work remotely from the comfort of your porch, taking in the Drakensberg views and spotting the odd bit of wildlife in between emails.

The Drakensberg Mountains, a World Heritage Site, are situated a mere 25 minutes away. Giant’s Castle is an easy 55 minutes drive and a regular favourite for avid hikers. The Kamberg and Highmoor Reserves, situated close by, have a host of trout waters; both still and running, and are well known for their mountain biking and walking trails. It is also only a 1.5 hour drive to the closest beaches making it totally feasible to head down to the beach for a quick weekend getaway or a family beach day out.

4. Awesome Restaurants, Coffee Shops & Shopping

City slickers take note… Midlands Meander country folk know a thing or two about great coffee and food. The hidden gems tucked away in the Meander would impress even the most avid Joburg foodie. This beautiful area has some phenomenal coffee spots and restaurants which delight locals and visitors with menus gushing with creative combinations, decadent cakes and artisanal coffee that would rival any Joburg hipster joint. Not only do we the have the coffee shops, but we have stunning views which go on for miles, country vibes which are chilled and authentic and down-to-earth people who give warm and friendly service.

One of the lesser-known pleasures of the Midlands Meander is the number and diversity of restaurants. These are located throughout the length and breadth of the Midlands. They range from quite basic coffee shops offering simple fare such as toasted sandwiches and beverages through to high-end fine dining, and everything in between. The fare on offer varies substantially in terms of the type of product. Some are relatively focused such as La Lampara; offering Italian cuisine, or the Bierfassl specializing in German food, though most tend to offer more cosmopolitan fare.  Virtually all of the venues have views of the lovely surrounding countryside, while the outlook from some can only be described as absolutely stunning.

The Midlands Meander is a treasure trove of home decor stores. These stores are often hidden gems to those living a bit further away and are discovered with delight on the occasional visit to the area. These home decor spots all stock country chic products of high quality. There is a beautiful range of soft furnishings, homeware, linen, furniture and various gifts on display.  If you are passionate about decorating your home with style and elegance then the Midlands Meander is the place for you. You will find distinctive products with country style class that you won’t find in the cities’ malls.

5. A Safer Lifestyle

Another perk of living in the countryside is being far away from the city gangstas! The Midlands Meander offers a much safer, relaxed living environment. There is no need for walls that goes up to the skyline and barbed wire that surrounds every inch of your property. After a decade of living in the area, we have only experienced one break in where people from the community came to steal some blankets in the winter, hardly hardened criminals, we would have gladly given them some blankets to keep warm in the freezing Rosetta winters, had they asked. This safer living environment all helps to reduce stress and adds to a better lifestyle for us an individuals and for the family as a whole.

So take some time to reconsider your current lifestyle, there are so many beautiful reasons to move the Midlands and embrace all that country living can bring to your family. Whether it is to retire, to enjoy a slower pace of life, to use the amazing schools or to bring some peace to your crazy busy family life. Enjoy the freedom of living in the countryside, where stress levels are lower and the lifestyle is beautiful.

Come and view our charming 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartments with stylish finishes, generous spaces and breathtaking Drakensberg Moutains. Our lock and up go country apartments will give you access a beautiful conservation area, walking and biking trails, and 1km of river frontage.

The country lifestyle awaits you…