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Ant Archery – Release your inner Robin Hood

Ant Archery – Release your inner Robin Hood

If you are ready to release your inner Robin Hood in Nottingham Forest (Road), then head down to Ant Archery for an awesome indoor archery range located at the Junction Center in Nottingham Road. We went there as a family not too long ago and it was such awesome fun for the whole family. Our five year old son was in his absolute element and he could have been kept busy there for hours on end. My husband was also in his element with the inner Robin Hood coming out to play. The owner, Ant, has run the archery range for about 5 years now and him and his staff are very helpful and great with kids.


They have four individual ranges with exciting targets and activities designed to keep big kids and little kids happy. The kids get crossbows which are very safe (no sharp ends) and they can shoot and aim at the indoor targets or at a wildlife picture target where they can get their aiming skills fine-tuned. 

IMG_5532The adults get re-curve bows with 20 arrows and they have an outdoor section with targets. The staff will take you through a bit of a lesson to give you some basic archery skills and once you have gotten the hang of things it is a whole lot of fun. The ladies are apparently better shots than the guys so if you are keen on some healthy competition among friends or family then this is an awesome activity for you to do.


IMG_5585If you feel like having a relaxing, romantic lunch at the Bistro then you can leave your kids at the archery range and they will be well looked after and safely entertained. There are not many fun activities like this available in the area so it is a great opportunity to do something quite different which is fun and really cost effective. We were pleasantly surprised to see how reasonable the archery was. For the children it costs R25 for 30 shots and for adults it costs R45 for 20 arrows.

Ant Archery also makes high quality crossbows that they sell on site or online, they are made from wood and can  be used by big and little kids alike. Complete bow kits as well as spare arrows, strings and targets are available. These crossbows make for great gifts and are sure to keep your kids entertained for hours on end.


Ant Archery are open for corporate fun and team building, school groups, individual coaching as well as birthday parties. They are open from 9:30 until 4:30pm on weekends, public holidays and during KZN school holidays. This is a great afternoon activity to do with friends or family and will get the competitively minded fired up and ready to go. For a fun and adventurous outing for all then check out Ant Archery.

Contact them on 033 266 6158 or 079 522 1518 or on their website www.antarchery.com.