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Country Market – Gorgeous New Deli

Country Market – Gorgeous New Deli


The Country Market Deli is a gorgeous, new, delicatessen and gourmet food store located at the Country Courtyard in Nottingham Road. They stock wonderful farm fresh produce for your weekly shopping, special artisanal goodies for your weekend get togethers, home cooked frozen meals and loads more.

The Country Market DeliI recently discovered this new spot and was pleasantly surprised at the variety of delicious goodies they had on offer. The store’s decor is country chic and the food is beautifully presented enticing you to fill your basket to the brim and call up your besties to join you for a lazy country picnic. The deli’s name is very fitting as the products they sell are similar to the delectable items you would find at a local country market. From dips, hummus, marinated olives, cheeses, freshly baked breads, charcuterie and more. So many foods to taste and try, their displays certainly get the taste buds going.

Country Market Deli NottiesTheir produce is mostly sourced locally so they support local suppliers while keeping fridges packed with farm fresh goodness. They have fresh fruit and veg, free range eggs, a large selection of cheeses, cured hams and even fresh duck. They also source some of their items from further afield to bring those interesting and unusual items to the Nottingham Road locals.

Country Market Deli also caters for your home cooking needs by stocking some unusual spices, pastas, stoneground flours, sauces, interesting dressings and more. Your pantry can be stocked up with interesting ingredients ready to be brought out for your next evening of entertaining. They stock a lot of ingredients that you probably won’t find at the nearby Spar.   Country Market Deli ShoppingThe Deli also has a variety of home cooked meals available in their freezer. For those nights where you don’t have the energy to cook up a storm, you have the option to whip out a delicious “home-baked” alternative. Their ready-to-heat meals include Cannellonis, Lasagne, butter chicken curry, moussaka, fresh pies, a selection of hearty soups and more. This is an awesome option for people living in the countryside who don’t have the luxury of Woolies down the road.

Country Market Deli MidlandsThe Country Market Deli is a wonderful spot that fills the much needed gaps of other stores in the area. Be sure to visit them to stock up your fridge with farm fresh produce and some artisanal luxuries that promise to delight the taste buds.
Open: Wednesday – Sunday; 9:00am – 4:00 pm.