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The Eaves Fine Dining Restaurant

The Eaves Fine Dining Restaurant

Granny Mouse Country House is one of the iconic spots on the Midlands Meander which has been around for over 30 years, steeped in heritage and old world charm. As you drive into the parking area at Granny Mouse you can feel the warm atmosphere and country style hospitality that awaits you.

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We arrived on a cool autumn evening and quickly rushed inside to get away from the icy midlands air. We immediately felt the warm, homely atmosphere as we weaved our way through their small wooden archways and crackling fireplaces to be escorted up to the Eaves Restaurant. Tucked away above their bistro, the restaurant is situated in the eaves, an enchanting space right up in the rafters. Climbing your way up a wooden staircase you enter into a cozy and elegant space, surrounded by chandeliers, you are whisked away to a place of romance, ready for a fine dining experience that is sure to delight.

Granny Mouse Fine Dining

The Eaves offers a luxurious dining experience to their guests. They have a set menu as well as an a la carte menu filled with exciting culinary combinations that will delight even the most sophisticated palates.Their menu changes according to the season, focusing on the finest local ingredients that are available at the time. The menu is quite small but has enough options, each plate sounding more delicious than the next. Meals include dishes like the garlic cauliflower soup with basil oil and crispy smoked pork belly, the grilled aubergine and ginger sushi rice, Venetian duck ragu tortellini served with salsa verde and parmesan salad and their blue cheese and rosemary crumbed beef fillet complimented by a sweet potato puree and port and red wine reduction. All their dishes can be ordered as a starter or main course portion. According to my husband, any restaurant can be rated by their dessert menu, and the Eaves’ desserts are pretty impressive. We opted for the chocolate variations which was delectably good and beautifully presented.

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The Eaves also cater for various dietary requirements from vegan, raw foodies, gluten intolerances and more. I came to the restaurant on a very stringent diet and they were incredibly accommodating, phoning back various times to confirm what I was able to eat and concocting a unique and tasty meal for me.

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They have a beautiful wine cellar filled with award-winning wines that you can walk down into to peruse your options. The setting is a wine connoisseur’s dream, set below the ground in a dusty cool basement, the perfect spot for wines to go down for years. The right wine pairings for each meal are also listed on the menu for those of us who would prefer to sit and relax without venturing down to the cool cellar.

Granny Mouse Wine Cellar

The Eaves Fine Dining Restaurant is a very special place that exceeds expectations with their personal service, warm atmosphere and eclectic menu. With limited restaurant options in the area, this is a wonderful spot for your next special celebration.