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Giant’s View Estate Wetland Rehabilitation

Giant’s View Estate Wetland Rehabilitation

Our vision at Giant’s View Estate has always been to create a development that celebrates the outdoor environment and gives buyers the opportunity to enjoy to the fullest the country lifestyle and the beauty that the area has to offer.

This is why our development is low impact and low density, with only half of the 23 hectare property being developed. Our floodplain, wetland and river will forever remain untouched, in line with our philosophy of making the natural environment a high priority.

All of our sites have easy access to the floodplain and just under 1 km of the Mooi River, which provide great opportunities for trout fishing (and other species), walking, canoeing, mountain biking and wildlife. Included in our development plans is rehabilitation of the floodplain area and wetlands. We also plan in future to install a bird hide at the dam located on the floodplain.

All of our sites have easy access to the floodplain and just under 1 km of the Mooi River,

In July this year the Department of Environmental Affairs contacted us, as part of their program to remove invasive alien plant species. They have a mandate to remove those species which pose a significant threat, not only to South Africa’s biological diversity, but also to water security and the ecological functioning of natural systems.  Environmental Affairs sent a contractor to fell and/or ring bark all of the invasive trees along the riverbank as well as the Salix (willow) on the floodplain.

We welcomed this team onto our property as we are also committed to the removal of invasive alien species. The removal of the alien Willow will give indigenous plants more opportunity to flourish and this, in turn, will encourage more bird life and wildlife in the area. We already have a wide range of bird and animal species that inhabit the floodplain and river and we are excited to see this grow as the rehabilitation continues. Consideration is being given to the harvested timber being made available to members of the local community for their private use. We will also plant new indigenous trees, bushes and other plants in order to rehabilitate the floodplain and wetland.