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Karkloof Farmer’s Market

Karkloof Farmer’s Market

The Karkloof Farmer’s Market runs every Saturday out of an old rustic warehouse along the Karkloof Road in Howick. This is a wonderfully authentic market, with a small-town flair that you won’t find at new urban markets. There is an old school community vibe which fills this market and energizes you with a feel good feeling that lasts all day. They have a beautiful selection of farm fresh products and homemade goods to fill up your basket and fridge at home along with so many breakfast options that you are spoilt for choice.

karkloof farmer's market plants

The smell of freshly brewed coffee greets visitors to the market early on Saturday mornings which creates a wonderful welcoming aroma for everyone entering the market. Breakfast options include gourmet bagels, full English breakfast, brie, bacon & fig toast creations, cinnamon pancakes, as well as healthy smoothies and more. This is an awesome meeting place for friends, families (and dogs).

The creator’s of the Karkloof Farmer’s market are all about high quality fresh produce and connecting the local farmers with the wider community. This creates an old country village atmosphere and the hustle and bustle of shopping is as important as the relationships being formed in the community, making this market all the more special.

karkloof farmer's market food

For parents with small children (myself included), markets can be quite a chaotic experience but this market has been designed with young families in mind. They have a kids corner with all sorts of great crafts for the kiddies, fun pony rides on offer as well as an outdoor play/seating area so you can sit and enjoy your delicious breaky while the kidlets are happy and entertained. All in all this is a great spot to gather with your whole family on a Saturday morning.

Fill up your basket with delicious crisp fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs, traditional French Artisan breads; organic cheese and yoghurt, locally made and matured cheeses; ready-made pies and quiches, something decadent for afternoon tea, fresh free range eggs, pickles and preserves, healthy juices and smoothies, fresh flowers and seedlings and the list could go on and on..

karkloof farmer's market eggs

There are also quite a lot of gluten free and organic products on offer which is wonderful as these items are not always easy to find in a small town. You can learn about the products you are buying, how they are made, the ingredients that go into them and how best to enjoy them. Food is seasonal so while you may not always find what you are looking for, you will always find something different and you can be assured it will be fresh.

For a fun morning out with lovely local country vibes then head down to Karkloof Farmer’s Market. Fill up your basket with something fresh while supporting local farmers, growers and producers. Arrive early with an empty stomach to get the best selection of produce and breakfast treats.

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The Karkloof Farmer’s Market runs every Saturday between 7 – 11am. 2.6km from Howick, along the Karkloof Road, access is on the D507.