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Midlands Meander 6 Best Coffee Shops

Midlands Meander 6 Best Coffee Shops

City slickers take note… Midlands Meander country folk know a thing or two about great coffee and food. The hidden gems tucked away in the Meander would impress even the most avid Joburg foodie.

This beautiful area has some phenomenal coffee spots which delight locals and visitors with menus gushing with creative combinations, decadent cakes and artisanal coffee that would rival any Joburg hipster joint. Not only do we the have the coffee shops, but we have stunning views which go on for miles, country vibes which are chilled and authentic and down-to-earth people who give warm and friendly service. We have a lot going for us and provide the perfect getaway from the city hustle and bustle.


I grew up in the area and have visited loads of the local spots and have made it my personal mission to search and seek out the best coffee spots that the Midlands Meander has to offer. Here below are my favourite spots (in no particular order) for a decadent breakfast, a lazy lunch, a devilishly good cake or a coffee on the go.

1. Cafe Bloom

Serving fresh, wholesome, country fare. An awesome spot for a great coffee, a creamy breakfast, an array of fresh cakes or a healthy, home-grown lunch from their daily harvest tables. All their food is freshly cooked with fruit, veg and herbs sourced locally or grown in the owner’s very own garden. Serving mostly vegetarian meals but not lacking in any flavour. Visit Cafe Bloom for a unique twist to healthy, homegrown soul food, a countryside gem with a friendly, warm atmosphere

cafe bloom food

2. Terbodore Coffee Roasters

A must stop on the Midlands Meander, not only for their fantastic coffee, but exceptional food, beautiful gardens and of course their Great Danes. They are not only famous for their superb coffee roastery but for their imaginative menu and great country atmosphere.Their menu is full of hearty meals, local and lekker but forward thinking too.

At most restaurants you will end the meal with a lovely cappuccino but at Terbodore you start your meal at the espresso bar for a coffee education, the smell of french vanilla wafts through from the roastery throughout your meal and you leave with a few bags of their coffee beans. Pop down to Terbodore Coffee to taste their 9 different coffee variants firsthand, you will not be disappointed.


3. Steampunk Cafe

A roadside espresso bar and coffee roastery selling coffee nirvana on tap. Steampunk oozes an alternative culture, revolutionary and anti-establishment at its heart. This spot is an escape from the mundanity of life, a super cool, character filled space of coffee! Steampunk Cafe are serious about their coffee and source their beans from all over the coffee belt. They are passionate about the art of coffee and you can definitely taste the difference.

This is the place for coffee on the go. They don’t have a restaurant on site but have some delectable treats to compliment their coffees which include creamy Spanish style custard tarts and gluten free date balls which are deliciously good yet surprisingly healthy. Head down to Steampunk for some punk inspired coffee which will keep you steaming on…


4. Blueberry Cafe

With an idyllic setting which has stunning panoramic views, home roasted coffee, a menu gushing with blueberry infused dishes and home to the famous, decadent blueberry cheesecake. This is a beautiful place for an interesting breakfast, a lazy lunch or top notch coffee and cake. If you are a lover of all things blueberry, this is the place for you.

This restaurant doesn’t only serve blueberry infused meals but has a lot of other gorgeous meals on their menu. Blueberry Cafe definitely have thee best cheesecake on the midlands, utterly creamy with a beautiful fresh blueberry topping, this bad boy will keep you coming back for more. This cheesecake is slightly addictive I might add, proceed with caution.

blueberry cafe restaurant midlands meander

5. The Farmer’s Daughter

A stunning restaurant that has a creative menu overflowing with unique combinations, over-the-top cakes and freshly brewed coffees that will excite any foodie. Focusing on local, farm fresh ingredients, their menu gets the taste buds watering as soon as you enter.

Their cake selection is totally over the top which we absolutely love. They take it to the next level entirely with cakes options like the decadent chocolate brownie, a carrot cake with an epic caramelized nut topping, or the crispy and gooey lemon meringue in a jar. They have a beautiful setting with views over the Umgeni Valley.

A quirky, fun, and welcoming atmosphere throughout with their shabby chic interiors. For a coffee shop that has creative flair, a wonderful view and a menu that promises to delight then stop off at the Farmer’s Daughter.


6. Flamme Rouge Cycle Cafe

Flamme Rouge Cycle Cafe is a trendy little cafe situated in the Gowrie Village in Nottingham Road. This is such a fresh concept, combining cycling with coffee, a meandering cyclist’s dream. The perfect spot to fuel up at during your energetic Sunday ride.

The Cafe has been beautifully designed with fresh decor ideas, loads of greenery, wooden elements and an altogether hip vibe and atmosphere. They have superb coffees, serving the delicious Terbodore coffee beans, and the Zimbabwean baristas that serve the coffees are awesome. They have a bunch of cycling gear for sale as well as some goodies to buy as gifts.

Flamme Rouge also serve healthy cold-pressed juices and amazing smoothies filled with all those get-up-and-go ingredients. They have some delicious freshly baked croissants and cakes, healthy wraps to go as well as daily specials, according to what takes the owner’s fancy. A wonderful spot for a relaxing afternoon catch up and if you are a cycling enthusiast then there are all the more reasons for you to check out this funky cafe.

I now live in Joburg but every time I am down in Rosetta I cannot stay away from these special places. Now you know where the best coffee shops are on the Meander, you can plan your next visit to the area with each day full of coffee and food delights.