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Midlands Meander’s Top 5 Home Decor Stores

Midlands Meander’s Top 5 Home Decor Stores

The Midlands Meander is a treasure trove of home decor stores. These stores are often hidden gems to those living a bit further away and are discovered with delight on the occasional visit to the area. These home decor spots all stock country chic products of high quality. There is a beautiful range of soft furnishings, homeware, linen, furniture and various gifts on display.  If you are passionate about decorating your home with style and elegance then the Midlands Meander is the place for you. You will find distinctive products with country style class that you won’t find in the cities’ malls. Here below are a list, in no particular order, of my favourite home decor shops on the Midlands.

China Rose Interiors – for a country chic home 

China Rose Midlands MeanderChina Rose Interiors is a beautiful home decor store situated at the Junction Center in Nottingham Road. As you walk into their store you feel as though you have been swept away to a french country home and you quickly notice that China Rose embodies the essence of country chic decor. Their products ooze style and elegance and you can easily beautify your whole country home or beachside house from their wonderful range of products.

Renaissance – adding vintage flair 

Renaissance antiques

Renaissance is a charming antique, furniture and decor store situated in the picturesque Balgowan Valley (right near to Michaelhouse). Their showroom is full of beautiful, upcycled furniture and classy homeware. Renaissance is passionate about furniture makeovers, taking tired pieces of furniture and transforming them into new, functional pieces, upgrading and restyling furniture to create something fresh and fabulous.

Lime & Roses – elegance comes standard

Lime and Rose LinenLime and Roses is a beautiful home decor, gifting and linen store at the Sherwood Center in Nottingham Road. As soon as you enter their space you can see the elegance and quality in the products they stock. They have a large range of handmade linen, both local and imported, and strive to be a linen specialist who help people to create a beautiful home environment. At Lime and Roses they will help you create a bespoke collection of linen for your home according to your personal tastes and branding requirements.

Lilac Crane – craft and decor shop with heart

Thandi Collection Lilac CraneThe Lilac Crane is a stunning craft, gift and decor shop located in the heart of Nottingham Road. This store is an absolute treasure stocking such a unique selection of locally sourced and crafted goods. The owner has a real eye for choosing beautiful crafts that are different, unique and of high quality. They love local, with many of their products having an African flavor while using a lot of Eco-friendly and up-cycled materials. They use fibres crafted from natural materials from the area so the products are unique to the Midlands Meander.

The Country Company – French inspired country stylecountry company mungo

Country Company is a beautiful store located at the Country Courtyard in Nottingham Road. This store oozes class and elegance with their French/English themed range which strikes a wonderful balance between earthy and chic. They stock a range of stylish products sourced locally and abroad and great care is taken by the owners to source products that is true to their ethic. Country Company have a large range of goodies to choose from including high quality clothing and footwear,  soaps, jewelry, toweling, kitchenware, beautiful cushions, wooden boards, home decor and more.

For more information on each of the stores listed above go to the Crafts & Decor section on our On a Meander blog or check out their individual websites.