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Midlands Winter Wonderland

Midlands Winter Wonderland

Frost Midlands Meander

Winter on the Midlands Meander is a magical time of year. It’s a time full of changing landscapes, frosty fields, crisp mornings, snowy cold fronts, robust Cabernet Sauvignons and log fire after log fire. We get to experience a distinct change in season and real icy winters at Giant’s View. At the end of Winter we beckon the Spring time where we see a significant change in temperatures and incredible blossoms burst forth after the frosts disappear, once and for all.

Frosty morning Midlands meander

Giant’s View Estate is situated on the Kamberg Road in Rosetta, Rosetta tends to experience cooler temperatures than other parts of the Midlands Meander but with views of the Drakensberg from our property we get to see the magnificent snowy mountains right from our front lawns. Although the mornings and evenings are very cold, reaching minimums of -10 degrees, the days are usually glorious with sunshine and clear skies for days. The views are crisp and clear and the frosts are pretty harsh on the gardens, making spring time all the more spectacular.


Winter mornings Giant's View

One of the things that most winter visitors to the Midlands look forward to is warming up next to the log fires, sipping on large glasses of red wine in the evenings . Our coastal neighbours love the novelty of whipping out their winter coats and boots on a weekend getaway to the Meander.  There is definitely something romantic about escaping the blistery cold and having a hearty meal or sipping on a hot cup of gluhwein next to a crackling log fire at the local pub.

When the cold fronts move up the country from the west coast we are hit with cloudy, rainy days and every couple of years we get smatterings of snow on the property. People pour in from all the over the country to come and enjoy the novelty of playing in the snow and gazing upon the beautiful snow-capped mountains. Often we have our last cold snap in September and we will get a wonderful snow surprise to end off the winter.

Draknesberg snow and fire

Winter on the Midlands Meander is a rather chilly experience but the frosty views and cozy fires create a wonderful atmosphere for special memories. With little rainfall during this period, Winter is by no means a dreary time of year. Entertaining friends and family with al fresco lunches and outdoor braais are still very much part of the weekend schedule. So come and enjoy the Midlands Winter wonderland, a wonderful time of year with incredible mountain landscapes.