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Renaissance – adding vintage flair

Renaissance – adding vintage flair

Renaissance is a charming antique, furniture and decor store situated in the picturesque Balgowan Valley. It’s a hidden gem on the Meander full of beautiful, upcycled furniture and classy homeware. Renaissance is passionate about furniture makeovers, taking tired pieces of furniture and transforming them into new, functional pieces, upgrading and restyling furniture to create something fresh and fabulous. This is country chic at it’s best.


Renaissance is all about transitioning from the old to the new. At their showroom they take you on a journey through their interesting mix of restored antiques, vintage furniture, unique decor items and soft furnishings. Their selection of products will bring style and elegance to any home.

Renaissance uses up to date fabrics, modern accessories and paint techniques to transform old castoffs into show pieces, giving you something unique and different for your home.

Renaissance antiques


They offer a full interior decorating service, including the restoration or techniquing of furniture.  Their speciality is to encourage you to embrace the pieces that you already have, or love, and to update them with paint or modern fabrics. They enjoy mixing styles, in a variety of colours, textures and patterns, giving your space something new and interesting rather than sticking to one particular style. Their showroom has an extensive range of fabric and wallpaper samples in-store for customers to choose from.

renaissance decor

If you are creatively minded and love restoring your own pieces, adding your own flair to your home decor, then you can pop in to Renaissance and purchase un-restored furniture. This is a great way of creating something distinctive while also getting it at a reasonable price.

Renaissance also stock a large range of beautiful giftware and jewelry for weddings and special occasions and bring in Christmas decorations or Easter tableware for those festive times of the year.

Renaissance MidladsNext time you are on the Midlands Meander be sure to pop in to Renaissance Antiques to spoil that special someone in your life or to add some vintage flair to your home. Their beautiful selection of home furnishings will definitely keep you coming back for more.

Renaissance also has an online store where you can order any of their products from the comfort of your home, delivery available across the country. Find them on: www.renaissanceantiques.co.za.