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Steampunk Cafe – steaming good artisanal coffee

Steampunk Cafe – steaming good artisanal coffee

Steampunk Cafe is a roadside espresso bar and coffee roastery situated next to a petrol station in Lion’s River. In between a non-descript railway line and an old trading store lies an oasis with coffee nirvana on tap.

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Steampunk have been open for some time and the chatter on the street drew us to their venue, we were definitely not disappointed by the great reputation that had preceded them. The first thing that you notice about Steampunk Cafe is that it oozes an alternative culture, revolutionary and anti-establishment at its heart. Everyone loves a bit of rebellion and a splash of creativity and this is Steampunk Cafe, an escape from the mundanity of life and enter into the super cool and character filled space of coffee! Something a little different for the Midlands Meander.

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Steampunk Cafe are serious about their coffee and you can definitely taste the difference. Their coffee beans are sourced from all over the world and roasted on site in their beloved roaster called Manuel. The fact that they so lovingly name their roaster shows their obsession and passion for the art of coffee roasting and brewing.

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Coffee beans are sourced from all over the coffee belt including India, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Guatemala, Peru, Cape Town and our very own KZN Midlands. All roasted differently with different flavours which keeps people coming back for more. What makes their coffee taste slightly different is the water that is brought across from the owner’s farm in the Dargle, apparently this natural water draws out the sweet and salty flavours from the beans. Who knew that this differentiator could make all the difference?

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They have some delectable treats to compliment their coffees which include potato and rosemary Love Bread, delicious and creamy Spanish style custard tarts and gluten free date balls which are delectably good yet surprisingly healthy.

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Steampunk Cafe are extremely popular and there is a steady flow of coffee lovers pouring in during the week and on weekends. Even though they don’t have a restaurant on site they have totally won over the hearts of the locals and visitors to the area alike. Their popularity speaks volumes about the quality of their coffee. We will definitely be back for more date clusters and some punk inspired coffee. Keep steaming on…

Steampunk Trading hours

Steampunk Cafe is situated on the R103 road, at the Tokans Garage, Lion’s River. Remember to take cash or pay with Zapper.