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Swissland Cheese – Goat’s Cheese with a View

Swissland Cheese – Goat’s Cheese with a View

Swissland Cheese is a beautiful goat’s cheese farm set in the rolling hills of Lidgetton. As you drive along their country road it continues to wind up and up through a forest until you eventually arrive at the top of the hill to an idyllic farm full of happy goats and farm fresh smells. They have a stunning flat lawn with country views for miles, it is such a beautiful spot that will have you there for a lingering visit. Every time I go down to the Midlands area I am always drawn to visiting Swissland Cheese for a sneaky cheese tasting and sipping a chilled Sauvignon Blanc on their lawn.


They have 9 different house cheeses available. Their full range of award-winning cheeses include the Chevre, St. Maure, Isinyani, Drakensberg, Cream Cheese, Brie, Pecorino, Tombrini and the Tomini. My favourite is the soft centered Tombrini, similar to the Chevre, but with a more mature flavour.


What makes this cheese farm different to other cheese producers out there is that they use goat’s milk (obvious, I know) as opposed to cow’s milk which gives the cheese a totally different flavour and dynamic. There is a ton of love and care that goes into the caring of their goats and into their overall cheese making process. They have a herd of 70 healthy, free roaming goats all of which have been uniquely named. The pure milk that the goats produce is what makes the cheese so incredibly creamy and delicious. Their cheeses are free of antibiotics and colourants so this farm ticks all the right boxes for the animal lovers and tree huggers out there.

swissland cheese goats

The farm shop has loads of delicious goodies to go along with your cheeses, from crackers, figs, pickles, preserves and wine. They even provide picnic baskets, blankets and cheese boards so you have everything you need to enjoy a stunning afternoon or lunchtime picnic. If you would like to buy a ready made picnic platter they now have Billies Bistro up in the loft of the shed where they sell different platters which include cheeses, crackers and locally made hams.

swissland cheese picnic

Part of the experience at Swissland is that you get to feed the goats and to watch the goats being milked, which happens at 3:30pm daily. The kiddies absolutely love getting their packet of goat pellets (only R2) from the shop and feeding the goats time and time again, it provides a lot of fun and giggles all round. You can also watch the cheese making process through a large viewing window which is always interesting to see. If you happen to be there at the right time of year (September) you will have the awesome opportunity of seeing the new goat kids being born, a great event in the Swissland calendar year.


Swissland Cheese often host musicians on Sundays and it is a wonderful family day out and an opportunity to relax, enjoy the countryside views as well as soak in a bit of music culture. Check out Swissland Cheese Facebook page for upcoming events.

Location: Off the R103 in the Lidgetton area, about 20 minutes away from Howick. Note that they are closed from Tuesdays to Thursdays.