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The Gourmet Greek: double cream decadence

The Gourmet Greek: double cream decadence

We recently took a Sunday drive down the Meander to explore some new Midlands treasures. One of the Cafe’s we visited was the The Blue Cow Deli and Coffee Shop at The Gourmet Greek. It is situated on a beautiful estate in Lion’s River. The first thing you notice as you enter their property is the beautiful scenery and the quaint Cafe setting. They have a wonderful outdoor seating area, surrounded by leafy greenery and rolling hills. A perfect spot for a light lunch or an afternoon cake indulgence.

The Gourmet Greek is a family run business which has been in operation since 2012, although relatively new, they have done extremely well in a short space of time. Even winning a DSTV award for their ‘oh so decadent’ double cream yoghurt and now stocking supermarkets all over the country. This yoghurt is definitely something to brag about, it is by far the best Greek yoghurt I have ever tasted and with the cream content reaching an all time high, the banting dieters are cheering them on. The Gourmet Greek are passionate about making hand-crafted cheeses and yoghurts using full cream milk from local dairy farmers. They are fanatical about bringing quality products to their customers.

The Blue Cow Deli and Coffee Shop is a wonderful Cafe open from Wednesdays to Sundays. This is where you can come and purchase the full range of their cheeses including their Pecorino, Brie, Cheddar, Halloumi, Boursin, Cream Cheese and more, as well their famous double cream yoghurt. They also sell a range of delicious pickles and crackers, perfect for a well stocked picnic basket.

The Blue Cow Deli’s menu is inspired by all things Greek, with the owners being Greek and having lived in Athens, you know you are going to get an authentic Greek experience. Their menu includes famous Greek dishes like the souvlaki and moussaka, cheese and charcuterie boards, Greek Meze boards as well fillet steak with a blue cheese sauce and loads more. They have freshly baked cakes daily as well as Greek dessert plates with authentic Greek baklava. The Cafe is also child friendly with a small play area and sandpit.

For a relaxing country spot with delectable cheeses and pukka Greek meals then be sure to check out the Blue Cow Deli at the Gourmet Greek. The kids will be entertained and the tummies will be satisfied. You can also fill up your fridge with picnic goodies for the week ahead and double Greek yoghurt for decadent breakfasts to beat.