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Top Schools on the Midlands Meander

Top Schools on the Midlands Meander

We have some of the country’s best schools right on the doorstep of our estate, making it a fantastic place to live as a family, whether your children are at preschool or high school level. There are amazing options for private schools in the area and people from all over the country and world send their precious children to board at the schools or move into the area to make things easier. Top class education set in the beautiful countryside coupled with the freedom of space and a vast choice of outdoor sports and adventures makes the area and it’s schools a wonderful place to bring up children.


Clifton Preparatory School – Situated in Nottingham Road just 7.4kms from Giant’s View Estate, Clifton is a wonderful co-educational preschool and primary school. They have day scholars as well as boarding. They are one of the few primary schools in the area that offer boarding and are great at offering a caring boarding environment for the little ones. Clifton’s vision is to be a school that is the absolute ideal place for children to grow. They provide a home away from home for all their children and aim to establish sound academic structures within small classes to develop the individuality of each child. Clifton is an interdenominational Christian school that hold the values of honesty, integrity and tolerance in all that they do. They also have a wonderful horse riding school catering for all ages and abilities.



Treverton College – Situated in Mooi River just 14kms away.

Treverton is located on a beautiful, 270-hectare campus complete with picturesque dam, wildlife area and equine center. This is where education and adventure meet, really appealing to a well rounded and exciting school experience. Treverton is a Christian school catering for boys and girls from Grades 000 to 12 and is home to one of the most challenging and adventurous G.A.P. Year programmes. Their vision is to provide a balanced all-round quality education based on a strong Christian foundation. They aim to encourage pupils to reach their fullest potential academically, to develop to their highest level of sporting excellence and also to nurture a third area – the spiritual aspect. One of the things that makes Treverton College very different to other schools is that they have an extensive list of outdoor activities and sports available for kids ranging from mountain hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, horseriding and the list could go on and on.



Michaelhouse – Situated in Balgowan just 18.4kms from Giant’s View.

Everyone knows the world-renowned Michaelhouse for it’s beautiful red-brick buildings, their country setting, and history and traditions. Their superior education is excellent in every area of the schooling experience. Michaelhouse is a boarding school for boys providing education from grade 8 to 12. They have a strong community spirit where Masters and Boys meet to create an environment of vision, warmth, caring and excellence. They have superb facilities in every area from their media centre, music and art schools, theatre, classrooms and boarding houses. The options are endless with their exciting academic, sporting, cultural, spiritual, environmental and leadership programmes. Michaelhouse provides boys with a superior education with incredible opportunities that will rival any international school.



Hilton College – situated in Hilton, 60kms from Giant’s View.  

Hilton College is another top class boys boarding school in the area. It is a unique world class boarding school for boys that strives to provide a balanced educational experience that enables each individual to acquire life skills and embrace Christian values that will allow him to realise his full potential and make a meaningful contribution to society. Their estate is magnificent, complete with wildlife estate overlooking the Umgeni Valley, rolling hills and pristine sporting facilities. They value Courage, Respect, Humility, Compassion, Honesty and Accountability and try to instill all these wonderful characteristics into all the boys that attend their school.



Capulum College – situated in Hilton 55kms away from GVE.

Capulum College is a small remedial school that caters to children of all ages who find it difficult coping in mainstream schools. The mission for Capulum College is to open the doors to learning in a place of peace, goodwill, acceptance, understanding and freedom from discrimination. The school has a primary school, a high school and a special needs phase. This is a really special school that you are unlikely to find in any others of the country.