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Tsonga – African handcrafted quality

Tsonga – African handcrafted quality

Tsonga is a handcrafted leather manufacturer based on the Midlands Meander who create beautiful, unique, leather goods. They are all about community upliftment with all of their products being hand crafted by men and women from the surrounding rural communities. Tsonga produce high quality women’s and men’s footwear, handbags, overnight bags and accessories like purses and wallets.

Tsonga footwear

Tsonga’s products are of superior quality, having bought various pairs of shoes at their Midlands store, I can attest to the fact that they use the finest quality leather and their products are made to last.  Their handcrafted promise found in every Tsonga product together with their hand-stitching technique makes all the difference. Their crafting methods allows their shoes to flex and move with your feet making them really comfortable.

Tsonga Midlands Meander

Tsonga have a beautiful selection of shoes in different styles and colours. They have shoes for every season including woolen winter boots, sneakers, pumps, sandals, slops and men’s work shoes. They also have a range of funky handbags that can do for everyday wear and smarter occasions.


Tsonga is a company which is proudly South African. They work together with people from their surrounding rural communities, using a simple needle and wax coated thread, each pair of Tsonga shoes is stitched together by hand.  In comparison to conventional shoemaking methods, their hand-stitched technique means that their shoes are softer and more flexible underfoot. Their shoe making craft is meticulous and laborious with up to 98 people being involved in making one pair of shoes. Depending on the style, a pair of Tsonga shoes can take approximately 30 minutes to hand-stitch and a boot, 180 minutes.

Tsonga Handcrafted

Tsonga’s founders dream was to create a range of shoes and handbags, made in Africa and enjoyed by the world. In line with this, Tsonga has stores in Byron Bay, Australia and La Rochelle, France. Africa inspires their work in everything that they do, that’s why in addition to Tsonga stores abroad, they also have shops in South Africa’s top vibrant cities. You will also find them tucked away in destinations filled with African charm, such as Franschhoek, Clarens and Hazyview.

Tsonga shoes

Tsonga has a great online store so if you cannot make it to one of their stores then you can order their beautiful products from the comfort of your home. If you are looking for a stylish pair of shoes that is wonderful quality then Tsonga is the place for you. You will also feel good about shopping when you know that your purchase is helping to support and uplift local communities. These are the type of South African companies that we should support. Keep up the fantastic work Tsonga!