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A Winter’s Morning Delight: The CoffeeSmiths

A Winter’s Morning Delight: The CoffeeSmiths

Venturing out in the early hours of a Rosetta winter’s morning can only be done by the brave and fearless. One must get out of their cosy bed, put on copious layers of thermal underwear, with jacket upon jacket, pour boiling water on the iced up windscreen, face the freeze until the car heating warms up and not to mention the misty roads.

One may only venture out on one such morning if a craving for a farm fresh breakfast rears its obsessive head and when searching the barren fridge there are no eggs and bacon to be found. This is the time to put the big girl panties on and face the elements to satisfy the needs of crying toddlers and starving husbands and granddads. Once the car had heated up and the hands were beginning to thaw, there in the clearing of the mist was a beacon of hope…a mobile, artisinal, coffee company, right in heart of Nottingham Road, THE COFFEESMITHS!! Wow!!..and they are serving coffee out the back of a vintage tuk-tuk!


Wow! That is all that can be said to express one’s delight and gratitude at this spectacular find! World-class coffee, piping hot and freshly brewed right in front of the Nottingham Road Police station, on a icy winter’s morning. Genius! The kind-hearted barista faithfully braves the Midlands weather come rain, snow or shine to warm the locals and city slickers alike.

How is it that a gem like this is not coupled by a long queue of coffee addicts fighting for parking and having to freeze their bottoms off in a infuriating queue?? And then suddenly I am reminded that we are in fact in a village on the Midlands Meander and fighting the crowds is not part of the morning equation. Country living is bliss. Locals trickle in and out seemingly unfazed by the icy temperatures and its clear to see that this has become the local’s favourite coffee spot. So once again I am grateful to find that it is a quick in and out, coupled with friendly chatter by the owner and barista.

And then suddenly I am reminded that we are in fact in a village on the Midlands Meander and fighting the crowds is not part of the morning equation.

One goes away warmed up, with the caffeine boost that gives you the momentum to conquer the uninteresting Nottingham Road Spar with vigor and joy. The frost quickly melts, the mountain views clear and now the feat of feeding the masses piles of crispy bacon upon arriving home is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Thank you CoffeeSmiths! You guys are legends! Keep forging ahead and fighting the good fight!

The Coffeesmits Nottingham Road

The CoffeeSmiths are an amazing artisanal coffee company who have been serving the good people of Nottingham Road with fabulous coffee since December 2016. They are now only mobile and can be found on weekdays outside the Nottingham Road Police Station and on weekends at local markets and events. Follow them on Facebook to know where they will be next. Keep them in mind for your next event, the coffee will not disappoint and neither will the custom made tuk-tuk.

CoffeeSmiths on the move