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Yet another Lockdown!

Yet another Lockdown

Yet another Lockdown!

With yet another lockdown to go through, I find myself yearning for the peace and serenity and slow paced lifestyle of the Giant’s View Estate.

There, at the Giant’s View Estate situated on the Kamberg Road, in Rosetta on the Midlands Meander, you have uninterrupted views of the Drakensberg Mountains, still snowcapped in places. With a natural wetland – part of the conservation area at Giant’s View Estate – to meander through and a long 900 meter stretch of the Mooi River front to wade in, fish in, canoe in, basically have fun in 🙂 whilst picnicking on the bank.

Great for family time together, enjoying the lifestyle at Giant’s View Estate. Wattled Cranes, Scrub Hares, Porcupines, Buck, to mention but a few of the animals that might cross your path.

Being able to work from home in such a place affords you the opportunity to know your family are safe and happily occupied whilst you hammer at the computer keys and make those necessary phone calls. No wasted time traveling to and from work.

You can actually fit in the meandering walk through the wetland area during your break!

What a treat, a dream come true.